Everyday Fair Shipping

Here at Frost River, we feel it’s important to be honest and fair. That’s part of why we use only the highest quality materials we can find like solid brass, waxed canvas and real premium leather. Just like those elements are true to the core, we work to make things like our pricing and policies reflect those same ideals—

and that goes all the way to our shipping.

Everyday fair shipping isn’t free or flat rate shipping, because neither of those would take care of everyone. If we decided to offer free shipping, that cost would have to be added in somewhere else, and we’d have to increase the prices of our goods.

We’d rather not do that.

We don’t want to hide the cost of your shipping in amongst the canvas and the brass and the hard work that goes into putting it together. We’d rather weigh and measure the pack and bag that’s right for you and run those numbers through the calculations of our carriers and apply the negotiated rates that we’ve earned with them to come up with a cost that’s true to you.

What’s more, shipping is different for each person, not just because of what they’re getting, but because of where they are in the world. Shipping the same rugged pack from Duluth, MN to Minneapolis doesn’t cost the same as it does to go to Chicago, Illinois, New York, New York, or McMurdo Station in Antarctica for that matter.

We feel the best way to even out the playing field, and give each person a fair price for their gear, we should take into account everything that goes into getting it to ‘em.

And that’s what we charge for shipping.

What you pay is what we pay. We don’t make money with shipping. We don’t inflate the price. That’s what it costs to get your bag wrapped, boxed and ferried to you via planes, trains, and automobiles.

These days we all get a bit complacent thinking that shipping is free, and that it’s just how it goes. That’s not the case though. Shipping costs a lot of money, uses a lot of energy, and employs a lot of people around the world. So if you’re primed to get your package in 2 days, and you think it’s free, think again. You either paid for that subscription, or paid enough money that whoever you’re getting it from is getting enough extra from you to cover shipping. That, and they’re playing the game of averages: If millions and millions of people pay a subscription, they’re betting that enough people won’t use it enough so that the subscription costs can help subsidize the program. That, and once you’re in their ecosystem, you’re going to default to buying from them for everything you can—

You’ve paid them so they’ll get your loyalty. 


Kind of. Or at least, that’s not how we’re going to run our business. Sure that’s not a bad way to make money, but we’d rather build trust by building goods that you trust, and treating you all like the good folks you are.

And that’s why we charge for shipping.

Isn’t it better to understand what you’re paying for, than to think you’re getting a deal?

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