A Frost River Thank You Note:

We’re thankful for… you!

All of us at Frost River have much to give thanks for but as a brand and a business, first and foremost, we have You to thank! 

Thank-You, for buying and supporting what we have to offer. If we didn’t have customers who come back and help us spread the word of reliable waxed canvas packs and bags being made in our corner of the world, it would be a tough, lonely existence ‘round here at the shop. So THANKS! We appreciate your support and please keep coming back and telling folks where you got that trusty pack that you keep wearing all over the place.

Along with all of you out there, we also have to thank our talented production crew right here.

The men and women who come to work at the shop here in Duluth each day to keep us in stock with great bags to sell. It’s not an easy job, working with rugged and robust raw materials day in and day out. The materials are heavy and tough. The work takes skill, and is hard for sure — it takes a physically hearty and mentally tough craftsperson to keep creating good stuff day in and day out. We all take pride in a job well done, and enjoy working side by side as a talented and dedicated team that makes good things, and gets them ready for you, right here in the USA. 

We’re thankful for our neighbors here in the Craft District of Duluth. They help make coming to work more enjoyable. They also add character and hand crafted commerce to a visit to our neck of the woods.

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From all of us to all of you…

We hope you get a chance to get outside a bit during your weeks or weekends, get to spend quality time with family and friends, and if you have a moment to do a bit of shopping, please consider the little guys, working hard to make good stuff in our corner of the USA.

Cheers - From the Frost River crew!

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