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Camosota Collaboration

Woven from the shared love of Minnesota landscapes and heritage. Crafted from an authenticity that can only come from a deep connection to the land. Frost River and Leather Works Minnesota have come together to release a series of packs that showcase a beautifully handcrafted blend of supple leather and waxed canvas. Every stitch and seam pays homage to the state's natural wonders, creating not just functional gear, but companions that embody the soul of Minnesota. As you sling one of these packs over your shoulder, you're not just carrying essentials – you're carrying a piece of the North Star legacy, ready to embark on new adventures while carrying the tradition of craftsmanship and camaraderie.



The inspiration for the fabric and in turn, the collection stems from the idea that many local Minnesotan companies have, to produce a Minnesota-themed product. Taking the recognizable shape of the state as a starting point, the pattern was designed by Leatherworks MN and brought to life with the assistance of designer Adam Brackney (WKRMN)

Before arriving here in the shop and being cut and sewn into packs, the canvas takes quite a journey. The canvas starts its journey at Fairfield Textile in New Jersey, just like all of our other canvas. From there it travels to Pennsylvania to have the "Camosota" pattern printed then heads back to Fairfield to get waxed and finally, it shows up here in Duluth. 

The Camosota Collection pays homage to the breathtaking landscapes, historical landmarks, and vibrant culture of the North Star State and is specifically crafted to cater to the needs of adventurous souls, travelers, and nature enthusiasts seeking to experience Minnesota's wonders and beyond with style and durability.



Items ordered now will ship in mid-late September.

Summit Expedition Daypack

Summit Packs are simple, classic, and yet refined knapsacks. It's been said "It's all you need!" Just toss stuff inside, throw your shoulders through the straps and go. No need to meticulously pack contents (though it's better to pack carefully) the Summit's won't mind.

Boardwalk Tote

The slim style rides flat, and is a function-first design that's made to be used. Whether it’s a lunchtime stroll along the Canal Park boardwalk or the evening commute along the Stone Arch Bridge, the Boardwalk Tote is a versatile daily companion that is right at home wherever you are headed.

Hillsider Hip Pack

With a slim, minimal profile but a pattern that pops the HillSider is a no-brainer for keeping the essentials close. The main compartment of the HillSider has twin zipper slides allowing for cross-body use if you choose to wear it over a shoulder. The front pocket is small and slim, perfect for stashing a granola bar or wallet for quick access on trail or while strolling around town.

Available for a Limited Time Only

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